About Us

Hello, I am Beans!

Introducing Lex & Beans, the backpack designed by humans and made for dogs with their needs and comfort in mind. The backpack every dog needs.

With the expertise of our industrial bag designer and team, after many months of designs, tests, and prototypes, Lex & Beans was created and launched on Kickstarter.

Started by two dog-loving friends with a mission to design a functional yet comfortable backpack for dogs to take on walks and visits to the park. With fun colors and a modern look, it’s the perfect accessory for your furry friend to carry their daily essentials and look good while at it!

Going on adventures together helps to create special bonds between us and our furry friends. Our canine companions love routines, so taking regular walks gives them a sense of purpose while providing mutual health and social benefits. With Lex & Beans, make daily walks a more enjoyable experience for both you and your dog. Happy furiend = happy hooman. Woof!